Therapy…but Pronounced THURUPEEEE!

Dear Matt,

So my peer mentor/life coach/ guiding me though life church person has encouraged me to start a journal. Herein lies the problem; I had journals. Journals sucks. Mine tend to be tear stained and about ten pages long before I get bored and start doing other stuff again. However, my only consistent form of communication seems to be writing my email reports of life and shuffling them into your inbox.  So, to appease the gods of writing and self expression, I’m posting our letters. I know when I jokingly told you this earlier tonight you laughed and said “I’m so honored.” Enjoy your brief celebrity now asshole, because pretty soon people are going to be chanting your name. You know, the name you hate more than anything on the planet except maybe your middle name? Don’t worry, that’s sworn to secrecy.




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October 20, 2012 · 5:43 am

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